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Sponsorship 2024

We are excited to present an opportunity for your company to sponsor She Roar’s, The Force, our 3rd Annual Women’s Self Fulfillment Workshop, which will be held on Saturday, May 4th, 2024, at Blue Mountain Village, Collingwood, Ontario.

The workshop is designed for women ages 30-65 and aims to empower these women to challenge societal expectations, discover their true selves, and live authentically.


Event Overview

The Force is a one day event that will feature an array of diverse speakers who will share their specializations, personal stories and insights on embracing authenticity, unleashing inner strength, building boundaries, setting goals, and nurturing self-care.

The event will also include interactive activities, group discussions, and individual reflection exercises to ensure an engaging and life-changing experience for the attendees.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

By sponsoring The Force – Women’s Workshop, your organization will have the opportunity to:

Women In Business

John & Michele

Once in a lifetime a magical door of opportunity will present itself to you…

This happens to John and Michele twice a week!

Success is about the energy you decide to create and the availability you make to share and receive this energy to and from others.

Let us and our co-presenters exemplify in the best light, the energy that your brand deserves.

          John And Michele Smeh



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