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In the realm of women’s self-fulfillment, a diverse panel of speakers can ignite a tapestry of inspiration and empowerment. Five individuals, each with their unique talents, convictions, and personalities, can collectively weave a rich narrative that resonates with the multifaceted experiences of women.

A scientist, driven by curiosity and innovation, can illuminate the power of pursuing knowledge and challenging boundaries. An artist, overflowing with creativity and expression, can unleash the transformative potential of self-discovery and artistic expression. An entrepreneur, fueled by resilience and determination, can embody the unwavering spirit of overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams.

A social worker, guided by empathy and compassion, can illuminate the profound impact of human connection and the importance of giving back. And a mindfulness teacher, steeped in wisdom and insight, can reveal the transformative power of inner peace and self-compassion.

Together, these five voices, each representing a unique facet of femininity, can create a symphony of inspiration, empowering women to embrace their multifaceted selves and embark on their journeys of self-fulfillment.

Michele Smeh

Hi, I am Michele, a health and wellness Coach for over 20 years.

As a Cancer survivor, and BRCA 1 carrier, I am hyper in-tuned with women and the hormonal changes that occur within every decade of their lives.

While advocating for my own health challenges, I have discovered the best way for women to find the balance between health, happiness, and acceptance in their lives.

John Smeh

At the age of 18, John Smeh realized that his weight was preventing him from approaching girls. This realization sparked a lifelong journey of health and fitness, leading him to become a successful CrossFit Gym owner, Real Estate Broker, Obstacle Adventure Race Director, CrossFit Competition Series Director, and producer of the She Roars Event.

Despite struggling with weight all his life, John has never let it define him. Instead, he has used his own experiences to inspire others to set boundaries and overcome their own challenges. As a presenter at the all-women’s workshop, John will share his insights on how to create a life where you feel empowered and supported.

In addition to his many entrepreneurial accomplishments, John is also a devoted husband and father. He is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and live their best lives.

John is an inspiration to us all. He has shown us that it is possible to overcome any obstacle if we set our minds to it. His story is a reminder that we are all capable of great things, and that we should never give up on our dreams.

Aliza Blair

Aliza is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, is the first Canadian certified IntenSati Leader, studying directly under the program creator, Patricia Moreno.

Aliza has a strong sense of commitment, a passion for excellence, and contagious enthusiasm.

As a performer, singer, and multi-discipline Fitness Instructor she has learned the power we have in using our voice to teach, share and learn.

Aimee Young

Meet Aimee Young, a versatile kettlebell trainer, entrepreneur, and precision nutrition sleep and stress specialist with a level 2 nutrition master coach certification.

Aimee is deeply committed to empowering women through movement and embracing vulnerability, unlocking their physical, mental, and emotional strength within.

With a distinctive blend of personal training expertise and the wisdom of a life coach, she guides her clients on a transformative journey, supporting them in achieving sustainable holistic well-being and continuous personal growth.

Courtney Marie

Courtney Marie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, an Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Instructor.

Using Breathwork to shine a light on all the shadows – mental and emotional – allows you to become aware of them and consciously let them go. Courtney helps you to light up your soul’s passion for feeling vibrant and alive again by connecting with your natural rhythm and flow of your whole; body, mind, and spirit.

Using Nutrition and breathwork as a tool to nourish you physically, emotionally and mentally which allows you to go deeper than just a diet and uncover what is really motivating you to make changes in your health and energy.